Adidas Slogan And Tagline 2024


Adidas is a well-known international brand for its premium athletic footwear, gear, and accessories. The company’s catchphrase, “Impossible is Nothing,” embodies its conviction in the strength of will and the capacity to overcome any challenge.

Adidas Slogan And Tagline 2023

What Is Adidas Slogan


Adida’s slogan is “Impossible is Nothing”

“Impossible is Nothing” is the Adidas tagline. Its initial release in 2005 symbolizes the brand’s faith in the strength of willpower and the capacity to surmount any challenge and find success. Numerous advertising campaigns and Adidas products feature this motto.


What Is Adidas Tagline

Adida’s tagline is “Creating the New”

Adidas’s “Creating the New” slogan was first introduced in 2019. This phrase embodies the company’s dedication to advancement, innovation, and breaking barriers in the sports and fashion industries. The slogan is used frequently in advertising campaigns and on various Adidas items.


Adidas Slogan And Tagline History

Adidas has had several slogans and taglines throughout its history. Some of the notable ones include

  • “Impossible is Nothing” (first launched in 2005)
  • “Adidas is all in” (first launched in 2011)
  • “Adidas is the new fitness” (first launched in 2013)
  • “Adidas is here to create” (first launched in 2016)
  • “Creating the New” (first launched in 2019)

Over time, the taglines and slogans have changed to reflect the brand’s emphasis on innovation. advancement and pushing limits in the sports and fashion industries.


About Adidas

Adidas is a well-known sportswear company that creates its own clothing, accessories, and footwear. Adolf “Adi” Dassler established the business in 1949 in Germany, and it has since expanded to rank among the biggest sportswear producers globally. The company is well-known for both its recognizable 3 stripes logo and for making top-notch gear for a variety of sports, including running, basketball, soccer, and more.

Additionally, Reebok, Runtastic, and TaylorMade are owned by Adidas. Globally active and extensively involved in the sports market, the corporation sponsors numerous individuals, teams, and competitions. The company’s goal is to become the top sports brand in the world while encouraging people to lead healthy lifestyles and participate in sports.

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