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Arby’s is a popular fast-food chain that is well-known for its delicious and high-quality meat-centric menu items. One of the key components of Arby’s brand identity is its slogan and tagline, which is “We have the meats”.

In this article, we will explore the history behind Arby’s slogan and tagline, its significance, and how it has helped the chain to stand out in the highly competitive fast-food industry. Join us as we delve into the world of Arby’s slogan and tagline and discover why it has become such an essential element of the brand’s identity.

Arbys Slogan And Tagline 2023

What Is Arby’s Slogan


Arby’s slogan is “We Have the Meats.”

The straightforward yet successful phrase “We Have the Meats” efficiently conveys Arby’s primary product: premium meats. tagline plays off the company name “Arby’s,” which is a contraction of the phrase “roast beef.” Additionally, it underlines how, unlike other fast food chains that could have a small range of meats, they offer a variety of meat alternatives on their menu. One of the best memorable and well-known slogans in the fast food sector, it has been in use since 2011.


What Is Arby’s Tagline


Arby’s tagline is “Slicing Up Freshness”

Arby’s has the slogan “Slicing Up Freshness” as its logo. Arby’s commitment to using fresh ingredients and in-store cooking is emphasised by the assumption that the item is freshly produced rather than pre-packaged or pre-made


Arby’s Slogan And Tagline History


In 1964, the first location of the fast food restaurant brand Arby’s opened. “Roast Beef is Our Specialty” was their original catchphrase. The phrase “Arby’s, America’s Roast Beef” was used by the company in the 1970s. The business altered its catchphrase to “I’m thinking Arby’s” in the 1980s. Before being changed once more, this saying was employed for a while.

The phrase “Arby’s, Good Mood Food” was used by the business in the 1990s. Before being changed once more, this catchphrase was employed for while. The company adopted the tagline “Arby’s, It’s Good Mood Food” at the beginning of the new millennium. Before being changed once or, this catchphrase was employed for a while. The phrase “Slicing up Freshness” was adopted by the corporation in the late 2000s and is still in use today.



About Arby’s


A fast food restaurant company called Arby’s is known for its roast beef subs. Forrest and Leroy Raffel formed the company in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio; they originally intended to call it Big Tex, but that name had already been taken. The brothers Raffel launched their first restaurant in Boardman, Ohio, and a second one a year later. In the 1970s and 1980s, the brand had a tremendous expansion.

Arby’s has expanded to rank among the largest fast-food franchises in the nation by the 1990s. There are already more than 3,400 locations for the chain worldwide. Curly fries, milkshakes, and deli-style sandwiches are now available on Arby’s menu in addition to roast beef sandwiches.

Arbys Slogan And Tagline



What is Arby’s current slogan?

  • Arby’s current slogan is “We Have The Meats®”.

When did Arby adopt the “We Have The Meats®” slogan?

  • Arby’s adopted the “We Have The Meats®” slogan in 2014.

What is the meaning behind Arby’s slogan?

  • We Have The Meats® is the brand’s catchphrase, underscoring its commitment to serving premium meats such roast beef, brisket, and turkey.

What was Arby’s previous slogan?

  • Arby’s last slogan was “Slicing Up Freshness™”, which was operated from 2009 to 2014.

What was Arby’s original tagline?

  • Arby’s original tagline was “Arby’s. It’s Good Mood Food™”, which was used from 1985 to 1990.

Why did Arby’s change its slogan from “Slicing Up Freshness™” to “We Have The Meats®”?

  • Arby’s changed its slogan to “We Have The Meats®” to focus on its meat offerings and differentiate itself from other fast food chains.

Does Arby use any other taglines or slogans?

  • Arby’s has used other taglines in the past, including “I’m Thinking Arby’s®” and “It’s Good Mood Food™”.

Who created Arby’s current slogan?

  • The “We Have The Meats®” slogan was created by Arby’s advertising agency, Fallon Worldwide.

Is Arby’s slogan trademarked?

  • Yes, Arby’s has trademarked the slogan “We Have The Meats®”.

Has Arby’s slogan been successful?

  • Arby’s “We Have The Meats®” slogan has been successful in increasing brand awareness and driving sales. The company has reported upbeat same-store sales growth since the slogan was raised in 2014.


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