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Subaru, a Japanese automaker, has developed a reputation for building dependable, safe, and high-quality vehicles. Their tagline, “Confidence in Motion,” embodies their dedication to giving drivers a sense of comfort and assurance when driving. Along with their catchphrase, Subaru’s tagline is “Love.

The company’s commitment to making cars that are not only durable but also fun to own and operate is exemplified by the phrase “It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.” We’ll look into the background and relevance of Subaru’s tagline and slogan in this post.

Subaru Slogan And Tagline 2023

What Is Subaru Slogan


The subaru slogan is “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”

Subaru’s catchphrase is “Love. It is what differentiates a Subaru as such.” This saying underlines the emotional bond that owners have with their Subarus as well as the company’s reputation for dependability, toughness, and performance. The tagline aims to communicate the sense that Subaru vehicles are more than just a means of transportation; rather, they are a source of love and pride for their owners.


What Is Subaru Tagline


Subaru’s tagline is “Confidence in Motion.”

“Confidence in Motion” is Subaru’s slogan. This slogan highlights Subaru’s renown for manufacturing reliable and secure automobiles as well as the assurance that drivers feel while operating a Subaru. No matter how much traffic there is or where the driver is going, Subaru cars are built to provide a comfortable and secure driving experience.


Subaru Slogan And Tagline History


Subaru’s tagline “Love. It is what distinguishes a Subaru as such “has been in use since 2008 and highlights both the brand’s reputation for dependability, longevity, and performance as well as the emotional connection people feel with their automobiles.

The slogan “Confidence in Motion” highlights the dependability and safety of Subaru automobiles as well as the assurance that drivers feel while operating a vehicle. Both of the slogans were effective at establishing an emotional bond with clients and enhancing the brand’s reputation.


About Subaru


Subaru is a Japanese multinational firm that creates, produces, and markets vehicles and other transportation-related products. The firm has a reputation for making vehicles that are safe and dependable in addition to providing cars with all-wheel drive and boxer engines.

One of Subaru’s most recognizable characteristics is its all-wheel drive system, which is offered on the majority of its vehicles. The corporation is also well-known for its dedication to safety, as seen by the high safety ratings several of its vehicles have received from institutions like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Subaru Slogan And Tagline 2023



What is the slogan of Subaru?

  •  The current slogan of Subaru is “Confidence in Motion.”

When was the “Confidence in Motion” slogan raised by Subaru?

  • The “Confidence in Motion” slogan was introduced by Subaru in 2010.

What does the “Confidence in Motion” slogan mean for Subaru?

  • The “Confidence in Motion” slogan for Subaru represents the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality, reliable, and safe vehicles that give drivers confidence on the road.

What is the significance of the Subaru logo to the “Confidence in Motion” slogan?

  • The Subaru logo, which features six stars, describes the Pleiades star cluster, which is also known as the Seven Sisters. The stars symbolize the unity and synergy of the Subaru brand and its commitment to moving forward with confidence and innovation.

Did Subaru have a different slogan before “Confidence in Motion”?

  • Yes, Subaru’s previous slogan was “Driven by What’s Inside.”

What was the meaning behind Subaru’s previous slogan, “Driven by What’s Inside”?

  • The “Driven by What’s Inside” slogan for Subaru represented the brand’s focus on engineering and innovation, highlighting the quality and performance of Subaru vehicles.

How does Subaru incorporate its slogan into its marketing campaigns?

  • Subaru often features the “Confidence in Motion” slogan in its advertising campaigns, highlighting the brand’s commitment to safety, reliability, and innovation.

Does Subaru have a tagline in addition to its slogan?

  • Yes, Subaru’s tagline is “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”

What is the significance of Subaru’s “Love” tagline?

  • The “Love” tagline for Subaru represents the brand’s dedication to creating vehicles that are not only reliable and safe but also enjoyable to drive and own.

How does Subaru’s “Love” tagline relate to the “Confidence in Motion” slogan?

  • Subaru’s “Love” tagline and “Confidence in Motion” slogan function together to create a cohesive brand message that emphasizes the quality, reliability, and enjoyable driving experience that Subaru vehicles offer.

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